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Site Rules

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Site Rules

Post by Marzipan on Mon May 25, 2015 7:54 pm

Hello Everyone! Me and Adalyn would love it if you would give these Site Rules at least once, and understand them as well. That would help us and you guys a lot. So Here they are, the best way I can sum them up in a easy way.

Alright guys, so according to Me and the site owner adult things such as: Drugs, Alcohol, Adult Content, Adult Language , Highly Detailed Violence of any kind, and more like these things are somewhat allowed on this site. BUT if you will be posting things such as this on this site, then when you make the RP please post a warning on the top of the RP in red, and bold so that people can read that, and understand what they are getting themselves into when they decided whether or not they want to join the RP. It's their choice if they wish to continue or not. But give people a chance to know what is coming their way.

2.  Okay so I know people find pictures that they like, and they want to show them with everyone all at once on the site, so they put them int he signature. Nothing wrong with that. But when you keep piling one picture on top of another that becomes very annoying. When the signature becomes to big, that means everyone has to keep scrolling to get to the other post that was made to keep going, or find the reply button. Please keep your signature to at least 2-3 small pictures, on top of each other. Not huge ones, that are long ways up and down. No one likes to see crowded things such as this. That is a strike against you.

3. Okay so we all know that you make other sites people, and that you want people to join those sites. But don't post links into the Forums unless you get permission from Me or the site owner. That will be a strike against you if you do so, and you will find out what happens if you get three. We keep count. So please don't do that, that might cause virus's for other people if they click on it out of curiosity. So if you want a specific person to join, message them personally.

4. Spammed messaging and posts are not okay. If you don't know what I mean by this its: When you message someone the same thins over and over, or when you post the same thing on the Forums more than once. Posting the same RP or Topic more than once. But sometimes it happens by accident, I can tell when that happens. But when you repeat it because you want someone to join is just clutter and more work for me and Adalyn. Please don't do this. That is another strike against you.

5. Don't be a bully to another person on this site. Don't be the person who calls someone a dumbass or stuff like that because you are butt hurt about your own life, and you want to hurt someone else. It will get you no where here, other than kicked off. Or anywhere in life as well. Don't be stupid and just be nice for once, it won't kill you to be nice to someone. Seeing this more than once is a kick off this site.

6. Okay everyone here is the final rule for now, I hope you all have fun while you are here. Make tons of friends and be nice. If you have any questions please feel free to message me and Adalyn. We will try our best to answer your questions about anything.

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